Hôte de Gamme

Conciergerie les sables d'olonne

Are you looking for
a rental service?

Our goal ?
To make your life as a homeowner easier !

Are you a landlord looking for a rental manager ?  Do you want to make your property profitable while freeing yourself from the mental and energetic burden of short-term rental ? We are here to help you.

Throughout the year, the Hôte de Gamme concierge service takes care of your property, whether it is for the management of your house or flat, or for administrative assistance, the creation of advertisements, the reception of travellers, the handling of reservations, the inventory… and any other service for which you need professional and rigorous assistance.

Because your expectations and those of your tenants are our main priorities, our team attach a great importance to meet your requirements, through total commitment and great responsiveness.

We offer 3 different packages to help you manage your property.

Stewardship Package

from €50 per month.

The stewardship and management package

The Tranquility Pack is an essential that will allow you to make the most of your time on holiday or when you are away from home. We offer our clients the opportunity to take care of the cleaning and maintenance of their property.

Tenant reception package

The Optimisation package includes the services of the previous package, and also a solution to assist you in welcoming your tenants.

Optimization Package

from 20% commission.

Performance Package

from 25% commission.

The complete rental management package

The Performance pack is a complete solution covering all your needs : you delegate all the tasks inherent in renting your property.

From the check-in of your tenants to the optimisation of your income, via the management of the reservation, you delegate us the entire management of your house or flat.

Do you have a more specific request?

Contact us to discuss your needs and build your specifications together.