Hôte de Gamme

Conciergerie les sables d'olonne

Are you looking for
a rental service?

Our goal ?
To make your life as a homeowner easier !

Are you a landlord looking for a rental manager ?  Do you want to make your property profitable while freeing yourself from the mental and energetic burden of short-term rental ? We are here to help you.

Throughout the year, the Hôte de Gamme concierge service takes care of your property, whether it is for the management of your house or flat, or for administrative assistance, the creation of advertisements, the reception of travellers, the handling of reservations, the inventory… and any other service for which you need professional and rigorous assistance.

Because your expectations and those of your tenants are our main priorities, our team attach a great importance to meet your requirements, through total commitment and great responsiveness.

We offer 3 different packages to help you manage your property.

Before renting

Preparation and marketing

We put at your disposal our knowledge and our professional tools to bring together all the essential elements for the proper marketing of your rental.

Stewardship and Rental Management

Our teams ensure the maintenance of your property, as well as the reception, the stewardship during the stay and the departure of travelers to ensure an optimal experience.

During renting
Logistics and rental management report

The complete rental management package

We provide housing preparation for the following tenants. You will receive, monthly, a detailed report of the set of reservations honored as well as the details of the rents you will receive, net of commission.

We support you in the management of your real estate, in full delegation: pricing of 25% commission.

Do you have a more specific request?

Contact us to discuss your needs and build your specifications together.


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Owner's questions

We provide the laundry and take care of the maintenance. A start-up form will be given to you once the partnership with Hôte de Gamme is established. In this form, you will find all the material we ask to provide in your accommodation including one mattress protector per mattress and one pillow protector per pillow. Bedding is also to be provided by the owner.

The supply of consumables is taken care of by Hôte de Gamme (tea, coffee, sugar, dishwasher tablets, washing machine tablets, sanitary kits, garbage bags, sponges, dishwashing liquid, toilet paper, etc.)

We provide our clients with a list of the necessary equipment once the partnership is established. You can download this document below : Liste matériels.

You will have control over the booking schedule, exchanges with the tenants, advertisement, etc. To take advantage of your accommodation, we only ask you to let us know as soon as possible : once booked, the accommodation will not be accessible. If the accommodation is not booked, you will be able to block the desired dates in the calendar of the online booking platform we use.

We define the conditions together : for example, in case of small repairs and in high season, we can proceed with repairs of less than 50€ and for any repair of more than 50€, we ask for the owner’s agreement. The various materials required for repairs will be charged to the owner and will therefore be re-invoiced in the same amount by the concierge.

We will collect all rents from tenants and then we will be responsible for paying you the rents less our commissions for the management services provided. This new system has several advantages for you as an owner:


Administrative simplification: You won’t have to worry about collecting monthly rents from your tenants. We will take care of this task, allowing you to save time and reduce administrative hassles.

Financial transparency: By receiving all rents in one payment from us, you will have a clear and transparent view of the revenues generated by your rental properties. You will be able to view detailed statements that clearly indicate the amounts collected, the management fees deducted and the payments made.

Optimized management of unpaid rents: By centralizing rent payments, we will be able to quickly detect any delay or unpaid rents. This will allow us to take appropriate action to address these issues in a timely manner, in collaboration with affected tenants.


This change also means posting your ad on our own booking site, to avoid high platform fees, as well as on one of the leaders in short-term rentals, Abritel.

The rent will be paid within 7 days of the month following the rentals (Example: until 7 August for rentals in July).

The concierge is remunerated thanks to a percentage of commission on the turnover generated by the rental of the accommodation: 25% commission (applied on the rate per night excluding platform fees, cleaning and laundry).